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Muse of Fire: Mvt III - Inferno


Composed by Alexis Alrich in 2015, Muse of Fire is one of our most popular pieces and truly showcases the instruments. Alrich was living in Beijing and Hong Kong at the time of its writing and was clearly influenced by the music of the region. The pentatonic scale can be heard throughout, although it is not the only way that melody is derived in the work.


Third Coast Percussion member Owen Clayton Condon writes music influenced by minimalism, electronica and taiko drumming. His newest piece, Fractalia, written for Third Coast Percussion in 2011, is a sonic celebration of fractals, geometric shapes whose parts are each a reduced-size copy of the whole (derived from the Latin fractus, meaning “broken”).

The kaleidoscopic fractured melodies within Fractalia are created by passing a repeated figure through four players in different registers of the marimba.

Relics: Dances for Percussion Quartet and Orchestra

Shortly after its premiere, “Relics” was nominated by the San Francisco Classical Voice as “Best New Music Performance” of 2018. The piece, composed in 2017 was originally written for Orphic Percussion and the Sequoia Brass Quintet. Cwik later orchestrated the brass parts and expanded the percussion score to the version which is recorded here featuring Orphic Percussion as soloists with Symphony Parnassus. ENJOY!